Tet in Vietnam

The first day of Tet -  16/02/2018

Traditional Vietnamese Tet

“Tet Nguyen Dan” ( also called ass Tet Ca, Tet Ta, Lunar New Year, Vietnamese New Year or just Tết) is the most important celebration in Vietnamese Culture. “Tet Nguyen Dan” celebrates the arrival of Spring based on the Vietnamese calendar (calculating based on the movement cycle of theMoon, so it’s later than normal calendar). Based on lunisonar calendar, the first day of “Tet Nguyen Dan” is neither prior to January 21st nor after February 19th. It frequently occurs from the end of January until the middle of February.

TET is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. They start forgetting about the troubles of the past year and hope for a better upcoming year.

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Tet in VietNam

  • Beautiful Landscapes.
  • Unique culture.
  • Unique cuisine.
  • Original custom.
  • Come and Join our show "TET IN VIETNAM"

Tour Tet Viet Nam 2018

DAY 1 (06/02/2018): HANOI - HA LONG BAY

The tourists shall be picked up at Noi Bai airport by Hanoitourist and travel to Ha Long Bay - the World Natural Heritage certified recognized by UNESCO.
The tourists enjoy the cruise around Ha Long Bay in 2 days by yacht:
- The lunch shall be served on the yacht. Then the tourists will visit the Vung Vieng fishing village Vung Vieng - one of the most famous fishing villages in Bai Tu Long to explore the fascinating lifestyle of the local people living here by the boats.
- In the afternoon, the tourists take a rest on the yacht, enjoy drinks at the bar with the promotion Happy Hour “Buy 1 Free 1”
- To participate in the cooking class to discover Vietnamese food, make the traditional and local food by yourself.
- To have the a fabulous dinner in at the restaurant, to drink at the bar, and freely come join in the various activities, such as chatting with friends, watching movies, squid fishing, massage.

DAY 2 (07/02/2018): HA LONG - NINH BINH

- At 6:30 a.m., to exercise Taichi on the sundeck. Then have a breakfast with cake, tea and coffee.
- To visit and discover Ha Long Bay: Visit Thien Canh Son cave - one of the special caves in Bai Tu Long Bay and have a panoramic view of the Bay...
- At 9:30 a.m., to have the early lunch on the yacht, then return the mainland at 11:30 a.m.
- Travel to Ninh Binh by car. Check-in the hotel in Ninh Binh and have the dinner in the restaurant.
(Be cContacting to a pagoda so that The the tourists may experience the “len dong” (go into a trance) ritual in at a the pagoda)

DAY 3 (08/02/2018): NINH BINH - HANOI

To have the breakfast at the hotel then visit around Ninh Binh:
- The tourists visit Tam Coc attraction by the boat on Ngo Dong river. Dubbed As as namely “Ha Long Bay on land”, this place is famous for the romantic and beautiful scenes of the yellow rice fields on both sides of the river. Going deeperfarther, the tourists can’t help admiring the natural beauty of the 3 caves across the mountain: Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave.
- Back to Hanoi and enjoy one of the most unique cuisines dishes here as : Bun Cha - Spring RollsRice vermicelli with grilled pork.
Today, on Dec 23rd of the lunar calendar, is the day when Vietnamese people hold the altar to worship God, so the tourists have chance to take some impressive and gracious experiences with local people:
- To visit and learn how to make joss papers in Phuc Am, Duyen Truong village - where which specializing in producing making joss papers ... only 20 km from the center of Hanoi.

- To return to Hanoi center and visit a local household to to learn, experience the worship of Kitchen Gods which is a very important ritual of the VietnamesesVietnamese. The ceremony is meantmeans to wish the whole family for the full happiness, prosperity and richness and healthy to the whole family. The tourists will see how they display possestythe ceremony is conducted, offering and be ackowlegde aboutget a better insight into the meaning of the ceremony ...
- After finishingthat, to have dinner at the restaurant . After dinner, the guide will take you to explore Hanoi at by night. Visit Hanoi Old Quarter, Ha Nnoi Flower Market, Hang Luoc Street, Hang Ma Street, Hang Can Street and Dong Xuan Market.
- Overnight in Hanoi.

DAY 4 (09/02/2018): DISCOVERY OF HANOI

- To have breakfast with Pho Hanoi: the most famous and outstanding food in Hanoi. It’s also the traditional and typical cuisine food of Vietnamese people. The local residents frequently often have Pho in fortheir breakfast, too.
- To discover and get immersed in the festive atmosphere of preparing for Tet Nguyen Dan - Vietnam Lunar New Year:
+ Visit Temple of Literature - the very first university in Vietnam
+ Visit the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam. It is considered as one of the most important museums in preserving and promoting the Vietnam’s treasures of the cultural and artistic heritages of the Vietnamese nation.
+ Explore the culture of the year-end Vietnamese-style pagoda: Visit the oldest temple in Thang Long - Hanoi, Tran Quoc Pagoda, located on a unique island of West Lake . Visit and learn about the year-end ceremony of Hanoi people.
+ To visit the garden of peach blossoms flower in Nhat Tan. Each time on in New Year, these gardens are shining with brilliant colors and vastly peach blossom trees.
Lunch, you fish will be cooked servedfish,; fish is also a specialty of Hanoi. Learn how to prepare and eat this very novel.
+ Visit the Museum of Ethnology in Vietnam, where there are many cultural exhibits and displays, expressing clearly the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the art of water puppetry, exchanges talk with water puppetry artists, learn how to dance control and make puppets ...
+ Visit and learn a village specializing in baking making Chung cake (traditional cake in Tet holiday) (Tranh Khuc village, Duyen Ha, Thanh Tri or Silver
Village, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho).
+ After dinner, you continue to explore Hanoi at night. Visiting the walking street, watching folk games and exploring Hanoi night market ...
+ Overnight in Hanoi.

DAY 5 (10/02/2018): HANOI -– SA PA

- To have breakfast at the hotel, then leave Hanoi to for Sa paPa, a unique place in the Northwest of Vietnam, at an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level.
- After about 5 hours on the car, in Sa Ppa, the tourists will feel refreshing refreshed with the fresh air, be merged into civilized color brilliant space.
- To visit the local market with various brocade handmade goods and other items.
- To visit Cat Cat village, an attractive village of Mong ethnic people. The local residents here have kept a lot of manual works, such as brocade weaving, enamel dyeing techniques, silver jewelry processing ...
- Continue to travel around and take photographs with the various beautiful, charming and romantic scenes of Sa P P: a with terraced fields will being scattered on the mountains ...
- Enjoy the distintivedistinctive cuisines food in SapaSa Pa: Apple cider drink and assorted steak pig armpit will be a great experience for you at dinner..
- Overnight in Sa Pa.

DAY 6 (11/02/2018): SA PA - BAC HA - VIET TRI

- After breakfast at the hotel, you depart to for Bac Ha, about 2 hours drive from SapaSa Pa.
- At arrival, to visit Bac Ha market, a unique market only available on Sunday morning with full of cultural features and colorful lifestyle of Mong ethnic people. Hereby, people can buy and sell local products such as clothing, textiles, farm tools, jewelry ...
- Enjoy “Thang Co” dishsteak, which is cooked made from many kinds of meat such as buffalos, cowsbeef, pigspork, but the most common is horse meat. A unique feature of Bac Ha cuisine is corn wine. Corn wine has become an indispensable drink of the North Wwestern people.
- Then coming to Ban Pho village, you will have the opportunity to experience how to make wine. This commune has been famous for its corn wine - a spicy, aromatic wine with typical flavor of the North Wwest forest.
- After lunch, travel to Viet Tri. Arrive, check in hotel.
- Have dinner and overnight in Viet Tri.


- Early morning, depart for Noi Bai International Airport to travel to Hue city.
- The tourists will be picked up at the airport, moving to have lunch in a restaurant in the city.
- At the afternoon, to visit the Citadel, a World Culture Heritage site including the Imperial Citadel and the Forbidden City. The citadel is the second ring in the city with the function to protect important palaces and the Forbidden City. Next to the Forbidden City is the third ring, which is reserved only for the king and royal, protected strictly.
- Time to enjoy Hue cuisine, Hue cakes such as dough cake, filter Loc cake, Nam cake, Ram It cake
- Specifically, come to Chuon village in Phu Vang, a famous village with the most delicious Tet cake in Hue. You will know how to make cake and boiled the cake. The Cake cake is wrapped in banana leaves to have smooth green cover, made with glutinous rice, green beans, fatty greens, pepper and onions ... It has delicious taste of the sticky rice, greasy flavor of the kernel and little spicy of onions.
- Leaving Hue city, going through Hai Van pass tunnel - the longest road tunnel in Southeast Asia, then coming to the coastal city: of Da Nang, the center of economics, politics, culture and tourism... of in the Central region.
- Take a rest, have dinner at restaurant and overnight in Da Nang.

DAY 8 (13/02/2018): DA NANG – HOI AN

- Have breakfast in hotel, going to visit some famous destinations in Da Nang, including Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son), Linh Ung Pagoda with the Buddha statue of 67 metters high, from where you can have an overall view of Da Nang city.
- Depart for Hoi An. Have lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit Hoi An ancient town and join some activities in at the places:
- Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall.
- Tan Ky ancient house.
- Japanese Bridge Pagoda.
- Hoi An spring flower market, decorating lantern lamps and visiting lanterns factories, learning how to make and experience lantern lamps; Discover the life of local people in the moments preparing to welcome TET - Lunar New Year festival. You can also walk sightseeing and go shopping on in the old Old townTown, taking photos; enjoy Hoi An street food: Cao Lau dish, cauldron cake, dam cake, tea, ...
- After dinner at the restaurant, you continue to explore the old Old town Town at by night; go riding boats on the Hoai River in dropping lights; see watch the art performances and folk games Bai Choi in Hoi An ...


- After breakfast, you go to Da Nang airport for flight to TP. Ho Chi Minh City.
Pick up at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and transfer to the city center. - The famous monument of the city is the Independence Palace, one of 10 special national monuments. Here you will learn more about the unique architecture and long history of the mansion.
- Next to the Independence Palace is the Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the unique works of Saigon. All church building materials were brought from France, especially the bricks over many years to now do not fade.
- Next, you will discover the atmosphere of preparation for the Lunar New Year - TET Festival in Ho Chi Minh city, which is quite different from it is in the North and the Central region.
- The most bustling and crowded market is Spring Flower Market on 23rd September, Le Van Tam and Binh Dong. There are all kinds of flowers with many colors, especially the flower pots, the symbol of the New Year's day of in the South has created a spring atmosphere that is flooding the city.
- Have dinner at the restaurant. Then you can freely explore Saigon at by night, visit and stroll on in the center flower city ...


- Have breakfast at the hotel. Departure to for Cu Chi.
Cu Chi Tunnels, which is about 1 hour car driving from the city center, is one of the most famous historic destinations in Vietnam. It is an underground defense system builtded during the Vietnam Resistance War. This is a tunnel system of about 250 m long, with full infirmary, many rooms, kitchen, warehouse, working room ...
- In the afternoon, return to the city center. Pick up your car to Tan Son Nhat International Airport to return to your country.
The programs is ended hereat all for the tour.

Ha Long
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: seafood, Ba Kich wine
Ninh Binh
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: goat meat, goat's milk wine
Ha Noi
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: Bun Cha; rice noodles; grilled fish; street food, egg coffee.
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: wild apple wine, wild pork.
Viet Tri
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: Thang co; corn wine.
Da Nang
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: filter cake, dough cake, moon cake, Ram It cake, mussel rice ...
Hoi An
  • Duration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: Cao Lau, Vac and Dap cakes ...
Ho Chi Minh
  • uration: 1 night.
  • Transportation: new DCAR / LIMOUSINE vehicles
  • Food: sauce rice noodle with fish sauce, crab rice ...
Services included:

  • Standard hotel (3 or 4 star)
  • Meals with traditional speciality.
  • Visiting entrance fee according to the program.
  • Transportation by new car, good standard. (Dcar or Limousine)

  • Local tourguides with fluently English speaking.
  • Free boats according to tour program
  • Travel insurance during the whole tour